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  • ATTENTION: Please also inform yourself on our homepage (most time in german, sorry) if there are any news about defects or problems!

    Binding your Thesis

    If you have your work printed already (e.g. at your chair/mentoring institution), it is no problem to have it bound by us. We charge 2.00 EUR per binding. For binding only you don't need to make an appointment - just come over. If you want to play it safe, just give us a call in advance - you will find our contact information on the site notice (german).

    Printing your thesis

    We can print your thesis on our professional colour printer and have it bound with a spine labelling.

    Please note that this service will only be provided to members of the department of electrical engineering and information technology!

    Guidelines for submitting a thesis

    • You send us your thesis with our  e-mail template  to druck.abschlussarbeiten@fs.ei.tum.de
    • We send you a mail (including the price) when the thesis is printed
    • You visit us and pick up your thesis

    Our mailserver handles e-mails up to ca. 20 MB. If your thesis exceeds this, upload it to a wepspace (e.g. the Sync and Share or Dropbox) and send us the link.

    Further more, we kindly ask you to submit your thesis only via email. Handling a USB/pendrive is connected to a certain risk to our IT system thus we will reject USBs/pendrives.

    In this mail, you should answer the following questions:

    •  number of copies
    •  one-sided or double-sided print?
    •  spine labelling or not?
    •  your name as it should be printed onto the spine
    •  your phone number for eventual inquiries
    •  the type of cover page
    •  should your thesis be bound by the time you pick it up?
    •  do you need an invoice? To what recipient should it be adressed?
    •  when do you need to submit your thesis?

    Explanation of the template

    Not everything in the form is inherently obvious.

    Number of copies

    Normally 2-3 copies for the chair, if needed one for the supervisor in the industry and a number of personal copies.

    One-sided/double-sided print

    Some chairs require one of these options two variants. Generally, keep in mind to start chapters on a right (odd numbered) page when using double-sided print, so inserting blank pages might be required.

    Spine labeling

    Usually, we print the name on the bottom, the title in the middle and the year on top of the spine. For example, "Name - thesis title - year". This is accepted or even expected at all of the chairs except for the MST.
    Please take into account that spine labeling is not possible below a sheet count of 30 (30 pages one-sided or 60 pages double-sided print).
    If you are writing your thesis at MST, the year stays blank and your name is replaced with a number. You get this number from your chair and should communicate it to us.

    Your name

    We will spell your name on the spine exactly the way you write it in the mail. So make sure the order of your sur- and first names matches your wishes.

    Cover page

    Usually we bind your thesis with a transparent film on the front and a black sheet on the back. The reason is that dirt can be cleaned away easily from a film and you cannot see it on a black sheet.
    Some chairs (e.g. LNT, TEP, HSA) want a specific color.

    Bound or not bound by the time you pick it up

    In some cases you want some extra sheets (e.g. signed task description) to be included in the thesis. In this case we must wait with binding your thesis until you come by and give them to us. Ideally you bring them to us along with your order. Otherwise there's nothing preventing us from binding your work right away.

    Invoice receiver

    Should you want an invoice, we need an invoice recepient along with an address. For orders above 150 EUR we always need that.

    Submission date

    If we know the date you have to submit your thesis we can plan better. We also like to know how urgent your order is.


    Here, you will find answers to the most common questions regarding our printing services.

    How long will the printing and binding take?

    Calculate with 2 business days after sending in your printjob. During the exams it could take 3-4 business days.

    Of course, you can ask us about our schedule if you send us a mail to druck@fs.ei.tum.de a week prior and announce your order. We will try to accommodate you.

    Please keep in mind that there are ~3000 other students at our department and every single one of them preferes an asap service. Due to many different reasons, we can't provide a just in time printing service. To avoid any inconveniences, please arrange enough time.

    What file format would you like?

    We ONLY print files with an unprotected pdf-format! Ideally we would the pdf in PDF/X-3:2002-Standard.

    The most important thing is actually that your files contain the fonts used in your text. Programs such as FreePDF and PDFLatex have these included automatically in the standard settings. The integrated export function of Microsoft Word does not do this.

    Also, we do not print Word formats such as doc!

    What is simplex or duplex printing?

    Simplex-printing means printing on only one side of the paper. Duplex means printing on both sides.

    Where should I place the page numbers?

    If you are using single-sided printing, just place the numbers in the center or on the right.
    Double-sided printing is slightly more complex: either in the center (easy method) or alternatingly on the right and on the left. The page numbers should be either in the middle or always on the outer side of pages.

    In Latex many classes can perform this automatically using the "oneside"(simplex) or "twoside"(duplex) parameters.

    Empty Pages?! Why?

    At first glance, empty pages might sound like a waste of paper and with single-sided printing they are. However, they have their purposes in double-sided printing. Usually, directories and chapters begin on the top (uneven) pages. Therefore, an empty page is sometimes necessary. For the Latex user: \cleardoublepage works wonders.

    What is written on the spine of my thesis?

    This is the text you usually see if the book is placed on the shelf. Our standard is:

    •  Top: Year
    •  Middle: thesis title
    •  Bottom: Your name

    The MST Institute prefers a number at the bottom and nothing on top. (Make sure you include this number as a comment!)

    The (optional) type face on the spine is silver or white on black background.

    Sadly, if your thesis is too thin, there won't be any room for text on the spine. The minimum for letters is a thickness of 3mm. This correspond to 30 pages.

    How long until the binding is finished?

    Normally, it should take around 30 min. It is usually preferable to wait until the back is cool. The longer the paper is not moved, the better.

    Color or black/white?

    Our printing machine automatically recognizes colored pages. These are slightly more expensive. However, a page will be considered colored regardless of whether only a tiny pixel is red or an entire colored image is present! However, you should indulge in the luxury of printing pictures and charts in colour!

    Sometimes however, some pages are colored even though they don't look like they are. Most of these cases are caused by a black-and-white JPEG image that have been compressed or by colour-based grey (which is not pure greyscale). Thesis papers that were compiled in Word sometimes also have this "problem".

    What kind of paper do we use?

    In short: 100g/m^2, multi-coated.

    In English: The paper is slightly heavier than ordinary copy paper, and the coating gives it a classy feel. However it isn't glossy like in some magazines.

    You want more details? See here: Mondi Color Copy 100g/m

    What resolution should my images have?

    Our machine can print with up 600dpi. Therefore, the resolution doesn't have to be higher than this. A general rule of thumb is 300dpi. If you aren't sure whether a graphic looks "right", you can ask us and we will look at it together.

    I received a front page from my institute, can you include that as well?

    Of course! In the form, just write "I will bring my own cover pages" in the "cover" section.

    As special overs bring special problems, printing these covers might take longer. Should your deadline be approaching fast, just bring the front page paper a little earlier and we will print it, then combine it with the rest of your thesis once it is ready.

    Which colors are available for the cover page?

    Our standard includes a transparent film on the front, and a black back page. However you can chose your own style from our huge selection of colors. To select zour favorite colour, just visit us.

    How about a receipt?

    We can issue you a receipt, e.g. for your taxes or to have your price refunded by your company. Some institutes will even pay for your copies. But you have to sort that out yourself.

    For a receipt, we need a recipient with a corresponding address.

    For orders exceeding 150 EUR, we have to issue receipts.

    In general, we can issue bills to any order, however we prefer to do this only if necessary. But no worries, we will still log the transactions correctly, even without a receipt. It's just less paperwork for us, and we'll have more time free for your orders.

    What payment options are available?

    Cash or transfer. Should you wish to pay via transfer, we will have to send you an invoice. So you must send us a bill address as well.

    We do not accept debit or credit cards. We thought of adding a Legic-/Student-Card reader, but the accounting would become too complex and unclear.

    What do you need to keep in mind during writing your thesis?

    Please mind the correct placement of page numbers (single sided / double sided print).
    Black/white and colored pages will be counted separately. If you wrote your work in LaTeX, this shouldn't be an issue, but in case you used Microsoft Word, Open Office or similar, please consider that i.e. grey page numbers will cause all pages to be counted as colored.
    Take care that all the used fonts are embedded in the file.
    We will always need a so called "unprotected" pdf file for printing.

    We wish you successful writing and good luck with your thesis!

    Do you have further suggestions?

    A notebook bag is excellent for transporting the finished thesis papers. They will remain safe from rain and won't wrinkle.

    Can I help you?

    We value all volunteers who wish to participate in the Fachschaft! We can always use more assistance. Just pay us a visit to find out how you can help.