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  • Reprint

    You need some lecture notes and they are sold out referring to the stock list? Just send us an email (template here available) and we will print new copies. You can pick them up at the Skriptenverkauf (selling point for lecture notes)


    • We will try to finish the reprints until the next lecture note sales. However, we need at least a one day advance for that, as we also have other things to do (like attending lectures)
    • If the red 'X' in the stock list is gone, then the lecture notes are available again. Usually we manage to reprint lecture notes within 1-2 working days
    • We only reprint lecture notes. We DO NOT reserve them for you. we have neither space nor enough volunteers for that and it would also delay selling
    • If there are no lecture notes available and the semester has already started we only do reprints on explicite request. That saves us all costs because we have to dispose of less remaining stocks