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  • Script sale during the semester breaks

    There are no sales during the semester breaks . If you still need a script from the last semester, send us a mail for an appointment. We don't sell any scripts for the coming semester.

    You should have a really good excuse as to why you couldn't manage to come by during the last semester considering the time consumption of script selling during the vacation!
    Please notice aswell that sold out scripts are not reprinted.

    Further information

    The fachschaft is always up to improving the script sale and bringing the scripts to everyone.

    If you have any problems or ideas for improvement, feel free to write us an e-mail: skr-anfrage@fs.ei.tum.de.

    We are always looking for volunteers helping us, the Fachschaft, because we are volunteers, too. If you want to help us, please write us also an e-mail!